Classified Guidelines and Sales

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Classified Guidelines and Sales

Post  josephchoi on Thu 07 Jan 2010, 2:59 am

Just follow these and everything will be Gold.

1. 1 bump per week. Don't be a postwhore and bump excessively. Failing to follow this will get you a warning. 3 strikes and you're out.

2. All threads must have pictures. None of that "will email pictures". You're here to sell, which means you should do the work of posting some pics of whatever you're selling.

3. No illegal bootleg movies, stolen goods, recasted etc. are to be sold.

4. PLEASE list prices of whatever you're selling. Although not really enforced, it'd be nice if you also posted some basic shipping costs to, if at least only for North America. No "taking offers" with an open end. At the very least post a base price.
  • As an addendum- failure to comply to this rule will get you this- "because he/she did not comply with the rules, i encourage ALL members to spam his thread with inane, ridiculous offers. To start off with, I will trade a bag of hobo's dick cheese for that."

5. NO selling things which you do not yet have.

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